How To Join A Usenet Indexer Or Private BitTorrent Tracker?

Join A Usenet

We are living in a world of the digital era, where most media files are shared or transferred to the places via online. The two famous file downloading options available these days are BitTorrent and Usenet. You can go through TorrentFreak – how to download using Usenet and learn how to download as many files you like. Many people are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of Torrent and Usenet. Many people believe that both these methods work in the same manner. You can click here to know the difference between Torrent and Usenet.

If you are looking for the better option than the above mentioned two, then you can make use of indexers and private trackers. Now let us provide tips on how to use the private file sharing communities. What makes the Usenet Indexers and BitTorrent trackers exclusive? You can find videos and audio close to the Blu-Ray quality. The community of private trackers and indexers are so dedicated that they have the library of files that are organized much better than the Wikipedia.

There are plenty of private websites available on the Internet. These sites do not make you completely anonymous, and hence their users are prone to get spied by someone. The only way to stay completely anonymous on the Internet is using the VPN service.

Additionally, using the private trackers require lots of commitment. For example, if you are downloading the files from them, then you should also share your uploads too. There are stringent rules concerning inviting other users and sharing the files with someone. You are likely to get banned by the members if you do not adhere to the community rules. Private Usenet indexers are not so strict. However, they will charge one-time membership fees, which is something not bearable for casual or less serious users.

In a nutshell, these communities are great for downloading plenty of files and stuff. However, getting into these communities is very difficult.

The easiest and best way to get into the indexer or private tracker is getting an invite from an existing member. Check whether you have any friend or acquaintance, who is already the member of any of these communities. Ask them whether they can send you an invite directly. With this kind of invitation, you do not need to undergo any screening process.

If you are unable to get the direct invite, then you can try ways to get an invite. Instead of trying to join a big group of trackers, you should try to join small trackers, which are easier to access. By doing well in smaller communities and groups, you would be able to access to the better trackers.

You should also be patient as many people are trying to get the invites. By making more friends with the existing smaller group, you would increase the chance of getting an invite. If you are unable to get an invite from the person, then you can consider websites that offer interviews for joining.