Magento, An Edge Over Any Other E-Commerce Platform

Online shopping, e-commerce websites are taking over real-time stores that require real estate and a huge investment. To build a large online store, for example, alibaba, plumo etc in other words, a good ecommerce website a very strong platform a complete, end-to-end solution is the need of the hour. Magento is that solution. It also integrates seamlessly with third party tools such as etc.It does not leave a customer or developer with a wishlist for features that could enhance customer satisfaction. All factors have been taken into account while building Magento.

Why does Magento Have A Cutting Edge Over Any Other E-Commerce Platform? Here are some points, though there are many more advantages as you go further into the depth and details.

1. Magento scores highest straight-away because it is open-source, easy-to-install and use, is visually very appealing and offers high flexibility to cater to any kind of business.

2. The most important advantage is that it has built in the shopping cart system that is almost as easy as plug and play to incorporate into e-commerce websites. Although shopping cart was always the most important feature for online stores, it was very tedious to build. The solution is scalable to any extent and can integrate with any third party code as well. The platform is highly optimized for speed, simplicity of use and efficiency, not only for the backend developers but also in terms of creating a delightful experience for a buyer visiting a magento client’s online store.

3. It has integrated SEO to harness maximum traffic and create a strong customer base.

It scores very high against any other website hosting platforms.

How does it score over WordPress? WordPress is specific for the blogging community. All its features are built around those that are required for blogs. While it has accommodated plugins, e-commerce features would only be available as plug-in features and not centrally available on their platform. On the other hand, Magento is specific to e-commerce and is built around the e-commerce, online shopping business model as core. You can spot the immediate advantage for yourself.

How Does It Score Over Shopify? Shopify has limitations. Starting from the number of templates available for the client, which is around a couple of hundreds in comparison to magento, which has several hundreds, to customization features, Magento is far more robust. Shopify can only be useful for small businesses but Magento has specific products for small businesses and for medium to large businesses. This scalability is a huge advantage that Magento has.

How Does It Score Over BigCommerce? Today, with all kinds of businesses, all over the world going online, flexibility is key. BigCommerce is rigid in terms of incorporating plug-ins. This is a major disadvantage because if you wanted to scale up the range of functionality to add additional features through the use of external plug-ins, it would be a cumbersome process and perhaps not possible too in some cases.

How Does It Score Over Miva Merchant? Magento is open-source, free for all, all you need to do is download and begin using it. Miva Merchant is a paid framework. That is an advantage there straightaway.

How Does it Score Over Xcart? Again, Magento is open-source, more flexible and highly customizable, all these features score very low on Xcart.

There are very interesting features on Magento especially in terms of extensions that enhance the effectiveness of business – Gift card extension, reward points, affiliate, social login, single step checkout extensions etc.

Magento has innumerable features that can be used to improve, customize and maximise customer satisfaction. It is value and benefits packed into one platform that has addressed all needs of a robust e-commerce platform.

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