Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone

Nobody in the world would say no to an iPhone, if they have any chance to buy it. Apple’s one of the best innovations till date, iPhone 6 and 6 plus are the most desired cell phones in the market. They come with features that are incomparable with any other device. You can never get the best features in any other phone which iPhone can give you. Buy your iPhone today from, You will thank yourself later for having made such a good choice. When you install the best IOS apps on your phone, you can enable your device to deliver the highest performance range possible.

You must have known about Siri, as it is the most helpful assistant you can find. Not all of us are aware about the functions Siri can perform. Only a few major functions are known mostly and not the other technical ones. It may take you by surprise, but Siri can be used as a calculator. The best part is, you need not type big values for calculation, simply speak. Speak whatever you want to calculate on the microphone and Siri will do the rest. Isn’t it amazing, how easy it can make calculation for us?

When we are in a hurry and need to calculate big values Siri is all we need. Siri can help in converting any currency and any measurement. When you are visiting a different country, it can serve to be a great help. There different currencies and different measurements used all way around. It is not possible to sit and calculate everything all the time. Siri will be your best friend in such times. Apart from this, when you are dealing with a global business you will be required to deal with many different currencies. In such case you cannot wait or convert measurements and currencies in to a different one. Simply go on speaking everything to Siri and it will do the conversion for you.

Siri can be used to make a decision. Siri can help you decide by flipping a coin, picking a number or simply rolling the dice. You simply need to say “flip a coin” or other similar thing. Though you can specify any range in Siri, it has a default range of numbers from 1 to 100. Siri is fully astonishing, the things you can do with it has no end. You can find out overhead out about the planes that are in the sky.

You can ask it to make a password for you as well. Just say to it whatever you want from it. You can ask it “how many calories in an apple” or “what is the scientific name of pheasant” or anything like that. Siri can help you find out about the latest movies in cinema halls and what are their ratings. You can also get the timings of any nearby multiplex. You can ask it to do what you desire. For instance ask it “show me the trailer of the movie Steve jobs”, “what is the rating of the movie Steve jobs”, etc.

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