Digital Video Recorder: What Is It?

Digital video recorders are computers which store programs directly from a television or satellite provider. They were initially invented to work with set-top boxes. Nowadays, cable and satellite providers offer DVRs which are built in set-top-boxes but still a few companies offer stand-alone units. You could watch a show and record multiple shows at the same time. You don’t need Wi-Fi to use a DVR. Hence you don’t need to worry about a poor internet connection. It is here that you need to check more about this, DVR has an internal hard drive with specific memory storage.

Do you really need a DVR?

The family gathering around the television to watch an important program is a thing of the past. People now expect on-demand programs. In a world of advanced technology DVR is a basic necessity. Digital video recorder works with the set-top box which has a hard disk full of video content.

The advantages of DVR

The main attraction of a DVR is the convenience and flexibility. With so many shows are aired on so many networks it is tough to take a decision on which program to watch. You could record one program while you record the other program without having a conflict. It has the ability to stop live TV to fast-forward or rewind. It means you don’t have to miss any of you favorite shows while you have to attend to other chores.

Built-in or stand-alone DVR

Most people prefer to have their DVRs with satellite or cable provider’s equipment and they could always buy a stand-alone unit, as well. This option is great if your cable provider does not offer a DVR service. It may even cost less compared to equipment leasing or service charges. You could increase the storage if you want even though stand-alone units have around 40 hours of programming, by paying an extra fee.

Latest technology

DVR services allow you to set your recordings so that you will never have to miss your favorite program. Most service providers allow you to set your recordings from smartphones, computers or tablets. It is convenient for sports fans who love to watch highlights of the games they miss through recording in DVR.


If you are unable to take a decision whether you really want a DVR or not always consider the practicality and convenience of the service. It is your convenience which matters in the end. Digital video recorder’s ability to pause live TV or record a favorite show is very much a convenience for people who find it tough to allocate time in their busy schedule.

You should always keep in mind the investment that goes in while purchasing or leasing, and is it worth it, and so on. It occupies your space in the living room as well, where space is a constraint issue. However, most people who have DVR services wouldn’t imagine watching TV without the help of it. You could even record and watch your favorite shows every week or even every day. It is a privilege to watch your favorite program whenever you have the time.

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