Convert MKV To AVI Format and AVI To MKV Format

Matroska or MKV is an advanced format for high definition video compression. In spite of being very popular over the years, MKV still is far from being supported on computers and mobile phones, as the files are too heavy to be played smoothly. You have to convert the MKV files to AVI format, which enables you to watch these videos on any platform. Find out how to convert mkv to mp4 format using revolutionary mode, to watch videos without losing the quality. There are most advanced techniques on to convert MKV to MP4 and vice-versa. Some programs are specifically designed for fast conversion without any compromise on quality.

Follow these simple steps to convert your MKV files to MP4 format, on Mac or Windows PC.

· First, download the installation file for video converter on your hard drive, and open it, once the download is complete and install the program. · Add the file you want to convert, by clicking on “Add Media” on the left corner and add the video. Even batch conversion could be done by selecting the whole video collection. · Choose the required format, by accessing the list of formats, either from MKV to MP4 or MP4 to MKV. Depending on your goal you can select the best resolution from a ready-made list of formats. · If you want a custom resolution or other video parameters you could go to “Cogwheel icon” and select the required option. · Lastly, specify the destination where your file needs to be saved. By default output files are saved in the library folder. If you want it to be stored in a different folder, click on “Save to field” and specify the folder. · Just click on the “Convert” button, to start processing. As most of the software’s are supported by latest technologies, conversion takes very less time and the quality is perfect.

Follow these simple steps to convert your AVI files to MKV format or any other media format.

· With the correct software, you could convert your AVI video to MKV, MOV or FLV format. This enables you to watch videos on your mobile phones. · Install the software, by downloading a video converter and running the setup file. Click the “Add Media” button, and “Add Video” to include the AVI file to the software. · Select the required output format, from the bottom of the converter window. Click the preferred location for the file to be saved, and click “Convert”. · Once the conversion is done, you could upload it to the mobile device. Turn on the mobile and connect it to the computer, for uploading. Depending on the size of the file, it may take some time for uploading.

You need not be familiar with video formats or settings to convert files. These modern technology methods help you to do the job very easily without many complications. Just have to run the converter, select the video, select the destination and convert your files. It may be from MKV to AVI or AVI to MKV, you need to follow these simple guidelines, to enjoy high-quality MKV videos from your mobile device.

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