Best Smartwatches In The Market

Picking the best smartwatch is a common dilemma faced by many gadget geeks now. Science and technology have advanced so much that there are a lot of choices available to pick from. There are Apple and Samsung who constantly battle against each other to bring the best. There are also watches from big designer names like Fossil, Casio and Nixon. If you ever thought of buying a smartwatch, now is a good time to start. brings you the list of best smartwatches that you can buy.

Samsung Gear S2 S2 is that kind of a smartwatch you would never want to leave it at home. It has so many features that can help in the everyday organization better. You can opt for the version that comes along with the cellular access by paying a little extra so that you can use the GPS feature. Even the standard version is still a great option to choose. One of the greatest advantages is that it has greater battery life than its other rivals. The lack of apps specifically designed for the gear is a bit of a setback but this does not have an effect on the overall experience of the watch.

Apple Watch This is one of the best-looking watches that is available till date. The quality of the strap and the design of the display is a fantastic choice to choose from. The watch comes in two sizes and has unisexual appeal. It has a great build quality and even though features such as GPS and sports tracking are missing, it is a great wearable device. Apple is already working on an advancement to the Apple Watch and it is set to hit the market very soon. If you do not mind spending that extra buck for good design, Apple watch is the best option.

Casio Smart Outdoor WSD-F10 The smartwatch from Casio should be the first pick apart from Nixon’s The mission. It is a total outdoor watch but it does not have GPS facility. The watch is equipped with sensors that can detect any activities such as biking, fishing and hiking also. There are two displays and the watch is completely waterproof and dust proof. The watch can go up to 50m under water. The watch weighs only 92g and it has a bulky rubber strap.

Tag Heuer Connected Tag Heuer Smartwatch is powered with an Intel processor that has a great build and is one of the highest quality watches that is available today. It looks like a genuine Tag Heuer watches from a distance and only when you look at the watch up close that you feel that it is quite bulky and huge. It is available in rose gold and the faces of the watch are designed beautifully. After two years, you have the option to tag in for a mechanical Tag watch,

Sony Smartwatch 3 Sony Smartwatch is a great choice with built-in GPS connectivity. The watch looks very sporty and it has the latest android update. With this, you could pair wireless headphones for beats when you are on the go. There is also a steel version of this watch that looks a lot smarter and classier.

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